Friday, July 30, 2021

3 Things to reduce arousal

Food and drinks that we eat daily, some of them are to burn feeling, and some are to reduce it.

Nowadays, people rely on the health science. They use medicine to cure the illness, both physical and mind. 

In the past, people relied on food, natural plant/herb, or/and house remedy to treat the body/mind trouble they were having. Cambodian, as well, had own ways to treat or protect their health.

There are three things that I have heard Cambodian people in the past use to prevent the sex feeling to grow inside body, especially when their daughter or/and son became teenager.

1. Coconut juice

This kind of juice is used in the past to treat fever. It is called, 'cold water'.

So, besides to cool down the temperature caused by the fever, it is also used to calm the burn feeling inside body. Drinking coconut juice frequently can cool the emotion, to not get much arousal.

2. Soybean milk

It is considered as energetic drink, also the cold water.

Man is advised to drink warm soybean milk in the morning. It helps them to gain energy, but it does not increase the sex feeling.

3. Tofu

Some people don't like soybean milk, so they use tofu instead. Steam tofu is very good and works as same as soybean milk; it gives energy to body, but at same time, it reduces the arousal.

These three things work with both man and woman.

However, it cannot be used everyday, and you cannot have it without eating other. 

Try to eat everything, healthy food and drink - just add one or two of these things into your diet.

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