Friday, July 23, 2021

4 things Cambodian use when they are with a burn

In Cambodia, housewife is person that easily to have a burn. Mostly, she has the burn because of hot water, hot oil and heat-pot. It is not easy to find someone to help because she always stays in house alone. Therefore, she has to find fast way to treat her wound. And it is home remedies.

In case, it is minor, the burn can be treated at home by using remedies that are storing in the house.

First thing the person with burn has to do is to clean with normal water. Later, they can use remedy.

There are four types of home remedies that Cambodian usually use.


It is fast to find and to use. It is cool. It helps reduce the burn.


This thing is told by doctor.. but some people don't have in home. So, it can replaced by cold water, still it is not good like the ice.

Fish sauce

It is can only be found in few countries of Asean.

Fish sauce is a combination of salt and water. The elder people in Cambodia recommend this. It is used in the past to treat the burn - for in the past, Cambodian did not have/use toothpaste and ice.

There is a telling that fish sauce can reduce pain from the burn and to prevent scar on the skin.

One thing to note if you use fish sauce.. if you are with the face burn, you have to be careful your eyes when you apply the fish sauce. It makes your eyes hurt.


It is sibling of fish sauce.

Salt is believed to be good remedy to treat the burn. Its power is same as fish sauce. Reduce the burn pain, and prevent scar.

Like fish sauce, it can hurt your eyes. So be careful if you use salt to treat your face burn.

Fish sauce and salt are burn treatment home remedies that older Cambodian have recommended. They are not in scientific record. But it is effective. I experienced myself. It is really good. However, these can be used in case of minor injury. You have to go to see doctor if you are with big burn.


There are two types of fish sauce in Cambodia.

One is fish sauce made by salt and water, we call original fish sauce. Another one is a creation by using original fish sauce mix with sugar, chili, lemon juice.

The fish sauce that can use to treat a burn is original fish sauce.

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