Thursday, July 29, 2021

6 Benefits of kaffir lime

Kaffir lime can be found in Cambodia.

This kind of fruit has several benefits for health and beauty, and house.

It can be used to:

Eliminate smell

It helps reduce the bad smell in car or in room. Plus, it brings natural smell to the space.

For people that is allergic to car perfume can use this fruit; it helps a lot.

Just cut into thin slices, then put in the car/room, close the door. Keep it for one or two hours.

Help flu

When you are getting flu, you can warm your feet with the kaffir lime in.

First, you have to cut it into slices, then put them in hot water. Keep until the temperature is lower, then you can warm your feet.

You can use it as facial steam remedy as well. It helps your face to be fresh, also it helps your nostrils to breathe better.

Eliminate body odor

Yes, you can use it to eliminate your body smell.

Use a few of slices of kaffir lime then rub your body skin gently.

However, it should not be used often. Just once in a week is good.

Prevent book from termite

If your house has books or paper materials, then your house will be target of termites. In order to prevent, you can use kaffir lime.

Take few kaffir limes - if your books are a lot, you should use five to ten fruits - then cut them into pieces and set them around the books, especially where close to the wall.

Protect from snake

In Cambodia, people like to grow this fruit around the house. They believe that it can protect snake to come into house. 

Skin care

Some people make kaffir lime oil then use it on skin to remove the dark spot.

Some use its oil to shampoo, and some believe it can grow the hair.

Not only fruit, but also leaf. Its leaf has benefit too.

Cambodian uses kaffir lime in cooking, especially in fish sour soup; this kind of food helps reduce the smell of the fish.

The leaf can be put into hot water for facial steam or warm the feet.

It can be used to prevent termite or snake, but we have to change it frequently for its smell cannot stay longer.

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