Monday, July 5, 2021

Everyday is a gift

Don't worry too much.

Don't think too much.

There is no ending of the world.

Me, like people in the world, faces difficulty during pandemic. But I don't lose my hope. I use my brain to find out the light even from a small hole.

I cannot go out to work. However, I can still earn money.

What do I do?


Yes, I am vlogger. It is a hole that I can bring tiny brightness to my life.


This is my second light-hole.

Blog-spot writer, um, this online business is benefit during this time.


Yes, I use this to provide teaching to distance learners. Well, only USD 10 a month.. still, I enjoy my career.


This is my usual job. And I have done it until now. Even it cannot bring me much like before, but at least, I have income.


Please wipe your tear, drop sadness from your mind.

Think what you have: writing skill, photograph, teaching etc. then look at equipment that you have in hands, next, START YOUR DAY.

Come on everyone. Stand up now and smile.

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