Fried red bean paste with pork


- Pork (meat, not bone)

- Sweet red bean paste

- Garlic

- Sugar

- Oil

How to cook

- Clean then mince the pork

- Mince garlic

- Put pan on cooker; when it heats, pour oil into it, then put garlic

- After, put minced pork, fry until it is cooked

- Put sweet red bean paste into the pan

- Put sugar

- Stir (fry) altogether

- Taste your favorite flavor

Note: In Cambodia, there are two kinds of red bean paste, one is salty and one is sweet. Even it is named sweet red bean paste, still it is salty, just it is not much like the salty one.

You can add sugar much as you like, but I want to recommend that this kind of food should be little bit salty. If it is sweet, it does not taste good.