Sunday, July 18, 2021

games I like to play

After working many hours, I need to relax.

I am interested in simple game only. So mostly, I play...


I have played this game many years. Still I am fond of it.

I like to sit alone in the bedroom and lock my face and eyes with the laptop screen.

Spider Solitare

It is my favorite too.

I am playing the advance stage. Well, I don't win all the times; I win some cases.


I never lose. But win every times make me bored.

Mahjong Titans

I have played this for five years, and I love it.

It doesn't need me to think much, just find the matched image cubs, then I will win at the end. Unless, the pairs are above and below each other. If they are remained lastly, then I'll lose.

Cross and Circle

Sometimes, I don't like stay with laptop for it makes my eyes hurt. Hence, I play cross and circle game.

I play alone.. don't need partner.

Um, it is so good, you know, to compete with ourselves.

I feel so anxious to know when I can find winner and loser.. cross or circle?

It is my habit to have game playing alone.

I don't like playing game with people, not only computer game or game on paper, also online game. The game that is needed to  play individual is my favorite and I don't need action game.. I like brain game.

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