Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How to earn money from blogspot


Before you read, please be aware that this article is written according to my own experience, blog owner, and situation in Cambodia.

I'm just a new to get monetize my blog. However, I think there are low tech people and they wish to earn money, especially during this pandemic, so I decide to tell my experience.

Before you want to start to earn from blogspot, you should think before hand:

- Topic of your site

- Picture to add to your article

- Tool to promote your site to readers

- Money to make your site .com


1. Topic

It is important. Think about what you want to show to the readers, and what the most things the readers would like to read.

In this case, you can see the following suggestion:

- teaching

- fashion

- food & drin

- cooking

- news

- decoration

- design

- technological device

- daily life

There are more.

If you ask can you write creative story? Well, I had done and requested Adsense to review, then I got answer NO, and they said that because my blog does not have content that gives benefit to the readers. So, in this case, you can consider by yourself to start creative story blog or not.

Oh, one more thing. It is better to write in English.


2. Picture

The site will be good if you have image along with the article.

How to get image?

There are two ways.

One, you have to have your own image. If you can draw, you draw. If you have camera or phone, then take photo.

Two, I don't recommend you to take picture from the internet.. but sometimes, you can use, just you have to give credit and pay respect to the owner of the picture by adding image URL - if the owner of the picture deletes the image, then your article will lose that image too. 

Nothing is best than you apply your own picture.


3. Promoting tool

This one I want to say about other social medias that you use to make your site to reach the readers.

New blog is like new store; no one knows; unless you promote yourself.

So, in order to get monetize, you have to have views, from 2,000 to 5,000. The big number of views will make you have big chance to get approval from the Adsense.

In my case, I have various of social medias such as youtube, facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkedin etc. I have had friends/followers before I started the blogspot. Then I shared my site on those medias, and yes, it gave quite confidence, later on I decided to make my site to monetized.


4. Pay for domain

In order to get approval from Adsense, I had to make my site .com. So, I paid to the agency - that gives such service located in Cambodia - to make blogspot.com to only .com. And I am charged about USD 12 per year.

After that, I requested to the Adsense to view my site, and yes, about two weeks, I got the reply and then my site can be monetized.


That's all for my article.

Like I mentioned above, this is what I've been through.

It is best if you read to get idea, then follow your own situation.

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