Friday, July 16, 2021

I am reading these two books

Life is about learning nonstop.

We have to study in everything we do. Even job.

Like nowadays, I am learning to improve my online business. And my teachers are book.

I am reading two books. They are not new, and they are second hand. I found them in one book shop before 2019. I just have chance to read.

Because my online job is related to writing, so I selected this book to advance my writing skill.

Also, it gives me some tips to write quick.

Not difficult, and the points that the writer has indicated are simple and clear. What I like the most is the writer experienced themselves.

I prefer to read personal experience than read instruction writing.

This one is about to attract customers.

Online readers are my customers.

Most of the techniques are about face to face, more than online, but I think it is useful; I can convert the technique to be for online business technique; I just need times to think.

Like I mentioned, I really love to read personal idea/experience, and this book is same as above book; it talks about the experience of the companies that lost their customers then they tried strategies, indicate in the book, to gain them back.

Good source.

Let summary.

Nowadays, I am reading two books to improve my online business. One is related to technique to write quick, and another one is about to gain customer, especially to make lost customer to come back.

The books are old and they are second hand.

And for my point of view, these two books are good source for me to advance my writing online career. 

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