Monday, July 19, 2021

I don't understand why they laugh at me

When I present my blog to people I know, they laugh at me.

They say my blog is ugly. They ask where I've got the images. I tell that some I draw, some I take photo. After they hear, they laugh. They say my drawing is bad; they say my photo is not attractive; they tell me to take photo from internet.

I don't understand. Yes, I accept my drawing is not pretty, and my photo is not good as well, but they are my effort. I don't take other's drawing; I don't take other's photo; I do everything on my blog by myself. My effort and my sincerity and my respect - that I don't copy or take other's property - should be praised, but in return, what I've got is looking-down-expression and telling to use property of other.

The way they do to me hurt my feeling so much.

I really don't understand.

People that has known each other for long time should encourage each other, or give comment to improve each other, but.. what are they doing?

They should tell me what way that I can gain better drawing skill. They should tell me tip to take good photo. Or they can tell me where should I make my drawing and photo better.

However, their words don't block me. More they look down on me more I become strong and energetic. I try my own way to make my blog good. I will learn how to produce good image - not very good but at least big better than today.

Thanks for those comments. 

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