Saturday, July 17, 2021

Meaning of color of dress in the dream

Dream can tell what will happen; it is a belief in Cambodia.

Well, I have believed it too.. and I usually try to interpret meaning of my dream. The one that I can notice is related to color of dress that I wear in the dream.

If I dream that I wear white color, it means I am peaceful. My mind will be at ease.

If I dream that I am wearing dark color, it means I will be sad or worried.

Because I wear on my body, so it gives meaning that I will be sad inside.. or I will meet something that make myself unhappy.

The darker color I wear, the big sadness I've got.

If the dress is mixed by dark and white colors, then it means I meet two kinds of feeling at same time. For example, my friend told me she got divorced and she had to raise five kids, I was so sad. However, I was at ease for I ever heard her husband cheated on her, so break-up was best choice for her.

If I dream I dress up in red, it means I will be irritate. There will be some story coming to me and makes me angry.. it is what I have noticed.

Pink is considered as in group of red color too, I think, but it gives different meaning.

It is interpreted that happy moment will come to me if I have a dream that I wear this color on my body.

Also, blue and green are color indicating that I will meet content period or news.

Well, if the yellow or its group colors, such as golden or orange, appears in my dream, I sense that I will have a shame situation. I cannot say exactly what it is, but I know that it makes me feel embarrassed.

Above are related to my own notice.

I don't require you to believe all. Just get it as idea only.

The best right dream interpretation is you must notice yourself.

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