Tuesday, July 20, 2021

My late grandfather is strong

My grandfather, when he was living, was smoker. Base on my memory, he did more than two packages a day.

Since I was young till I was about 10 years, I saw him smoke.

I was told that he did smoking before I was born.

Not only him, my two uncle-in-law smoked too.

Three of them were told to quit smoking; the two in-laws said they would try hard to quit; however, they were failed, and they have smoked till today.

But my grandfather was different.

When my uncle told him to quit smoking, he said, 'Okay, tomorrow I will stop.'


Everyone was surprised to hear that. All his kids did not believe. They said to him, 'Don't force yourself. You can reduce step by step.'

'No, I said tomorrow I'm going to stop smoking, and I'll do,' my grandfather confirmed.

There was no one believe him, but they did not say.

And yes, start from next day of that day, I did not see him smoke, until he died.

Everyone is surprised to see that, even my two uncle in law.. no one expects him to be strong like this. Not only smoking but also drinking.

My grandfather did not say he would reduce or try best to do; he said he quit, and he did it.

I witnessed my own eyes the legend of my grandfather when he determined to quit smoking. And I consider him as my idol or can say my hero. 

When I grow up, I inspire from him. I will fulfill what I promise to myself. I am not good like him; I have done seventy to eighty percents only, though, I am happy.

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