Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sample of lesson plan to teach English for beginner online

This is lesson plan that I have created to teach my students, English grade 1, through zoom.

It it not professional or academic lesson plan. It bases on my real teaching class.

Hope it helps give some idea to you.

Lesson Plan Sample

Topic : English Grade 1

Level : Beginner

Students : Two

Times : 90 minutes


Aims : to know the basic of English daily sentences


Materials :

-      lesson plan

-      zoom

-      picture

-      white board

-      marker



  1. Warm up

-      chit chat with the student

Duration : 5 minutes

  1. Lesson Review

-    share pictures through zoom then ask each student to say the word based on the pictures

For example, show this picture,


and the student will say 'potato'.

-   share picture of missed alphabets in the words then ask them to write in book, after that, take photos of their works and send through telegram

-      correct their works and send back

-      if they do incorrect, ask them to correct and re-send work

Duration : 20 minutes

  1. Chapter One

-      share lesson through zoom

-      read for them to listen

-      ask each student to read

-      ask each student to read then translate

Duration : 20 minutes

  1. Practice

-      share picture of classwork through zoom

-      ask them to write in book and answer the questions

-      after they finish, they need to take photo and send classwork for correcting

-      if they write wrong, ask them to correct and re-send the work

-      write on white board new words or words that they don’t know

-      ask each student to read their classwork

Duration : 40 minutes

  1. Repeat

-      ask each student to read and translate the lesson

Duration : 5 minutes

  1. End Class

-      Give homework

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