Thursday, July 8, 2021

Things to know and prepare if you want to teach online

I have been taught online English for beginner. My pupils are young people and they are Cambodian.

Base on my few weeks experience, I find that teaching is not easy, but it is not hard as well. Just, you have to prepare various of things in advance.

1. Program


In Cambodia, we usually use zoom. Me too. I use this program to teach my pupils.

So, please download, and don't forget.. you and your learners should use same version or you cannot contact properly.

2. Classroom

You can use your room/house, but you have to choose a site that has enough light, wide space to place teaching materials such as white board - also space for you to move your body during teaching. 

Well, don't use big room for it will make voice run away; your student cannot hear you properly and you cannot hear your student as well.

3.  Materials


You need to buy white board, marker, eraser, and other necessary things for your class.

Size of white board is depended on your need.

Markers should be more than one and should not be same color. You can use blue, red and black colors. And blue marker should be more than other colors.

Other materials are depended on your lesson plan.

4. Dress and hairstyle


Even though, you teach online, but you have to be well organized.

Being educator, you should not wear T-shirt or jeans. Reveal dress should be avoided too.

I recommend you to wear cotton shirt, both for female and male teacher.

Make-up is not needed for female teacher. However, you can apply lipstick, but you should avoid red color for it is too bright.

For woman, I recommend updo hairstyle. For man, I think there is no problem if you comb your hair to show your face clearly to the student, unless you are teaching hairstyle class.

5. Lesson plan


You can find sample of lesson plan on internet.

Also, you can search guidance for teaching to get idea, then you can create your own lesson plan and performance.

When you build the lesson plan, please think about room-space, materials, and duration.

Due to my experience, it is best if you allow student to have many practice. Distance learning can make the learners bored easily. More activities can boost their mood and don't make them sleepy.

6. Day, hour, duration


You have to think in a week, how many days you want to teach. Also hour, morning, afternoon, evening, or night.. and the duration, one hour a day, one hour and a half, etc.

Correct, mostly, you need to be flexible to match with your customers time, but at least, you should have your own schedule.

7. Internet connection


I don't know about your location, but my condition, in Cambodia, I share internet from phone.

Therefore, choose a room to teach, day and hour to teach, are important, for I need to select location and time that my internet connection is good.

8. Number of student, price, and course duration


You have to decide how many student you want. You have to limit. And I want to recommend to not having more than five students, because you cannot control and sometimes, it causes the class mess.

Besides of session duration, you have to limit your course, will it be three month or five month.

And you have to set the cost and payment method. Do you want to get paid monthly? Per session that the student is present? Or you want full course payment?

Don't forget set your payment method, via visa card, master card, pay pal, etc. Furthermore, you should set rule, for instance, the student has to pay three days before the class starts.

9. Marketing


Like other career, you have to show yourself in order to get students.

So, don't hesitate to advertise your service.

First target should be people around you, relative, friend, and neighbor.

Besides, you can promote yourself on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 



I don't have a shame to tell you that I got paid USD 10 per month for teaching two students. You may laugh when you see my teaching fee, but I am grateful with this price. 

I have no teaching degree, moreover, people are having hard time during the pandemic; they earn less and spend much, so, I choose to get price that my customer can support.

Thanks for reading. I hope my article can help you. See you next.

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