Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Translator job interview experience


In 2020, I applied for a job as translator in a company.

Now, I'd like to tell you what I've been through the interview, base on I remember.

The founder of the company was person who interviewed me. He is Singaporean.


I : Interviewer

M : Me

I : Hello.

M : Hello.

I : I go through your CV, you had experience in writing, reporting, and translating?

M : Yes.

I : I think you have been told related to our company. We just started up, and we want to do website, so we need translator.

M : Yes.

I : Can you tell what you do when you translate?

M : Well, before I translate, I read the article first to get meaning. After that, I note what is the difficult or word that I don't understand. Then I start translate. After I translate already, I read it to check like spelling, also if any sentence is wrong to original meaning.

I : You are translator. How can you know that your translation is incorrect?

M : I don't think I am working alone. I think company has.. well, we can say work team. So, after I translate, I don't think my article will be post directly. It should be sent to supervisor or colleague to help checking.

I : I see. Our website not only this... Translation is just first stage. Our next plan is to interview with doctors in Cambodia and outside Cambodia, then write article. If like this, you can do? Because you ever experienced writing news report.

M : Well, my previous job.. I went to interview ordinary.. I mean just to interview about history or background. If you ask me to interview the doctor and write article related to technical field, I cannot say I can do it, but I will try my best to do the job.

I : Okay, thanks. So, I have no more question. We will discuss among our members, and we will inform you later. Thanks for your time.

M : Thank you.


The result is I passed. I was told to work in probation, three months. After the probation, I declined to continue for my health was down.

Then I stay at home until today.

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