Thursday, July 1, 2021

When my laptop cannot connect


Have your laptop experienced this?

If you ever, then do you how to deal with it?

Well, I think you may run to see IT.. unless you are IT.

If you meet such problem, please don't take your laptop to IT yet. There is a way to fix it by yourself.. I will tell you.

Please be aware that I am not IT or have background in this field. I just met the problem and found way to solve it by chance.

My laptop is connected to hot-spot from cell phone, and when this problem happens, I will close the program and switch laptop off. I keep it away for one hour, then I turn it on and it becomes normally. I can use internet, I can share WiFi, hot-spot and so on.

You can try if you want to know.

Just remember that you have to switch your device off and don't touch it more than one hour.

When you turn it on again, if you find it does not work, please don't be panic. Do it again, and this time you give it to rest for one night - I suggest - then in the next morning, check it again.

If it still does not work, it means your device has to be taken to visit IT.


What I have experience is with laptop. For desktop, I have no idea that this way works with it or not.

I don't know what causes it to happen.. however, my friend who is IT, tells me to update regularly - my laptop is licensed - and he says it is related to software/program, it is hard to explain. The best way is to keep update as the laptop demands.

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