Tuesday, August 3, 2021

9 Dreams I don't want to dream about

I want to indicate the dream that I don't want to dream about. 


You can read below to check it out.


1. Fire

If I dream that my house or any spot in my house on fire, it means there will be a problem, usually an argument, among my family's members.

Who I see face or hear name in the dream are people that will be involved in the problem. 

If I see myself in the dream, it means I will be included in the matter.

If in the dream the fire is removed, it means the problem will be solved. If it is not removed, it means that the problem will carry on, or it may be paused, but the people involve in the problem do not forget, and one day in the future, they will re-start. 

The person that removes the fire, in the dream, will be the one that is able to solve the problem. 

2. Dress in red

Red means flame; it is same as fire.

If I dream I wear red cloth, then I will meet something that causes me angry.

Sometimes, it represents the problem; therefore, I have to be careful when I have a dream that I dress in red color.

3. Pretty

I don't want to dream someone says I am pretty. I don't want to hear the praise even they express that I dress good.

If I dream about that, I will be sick.

No, no.. I don't want to be sick.

Also, if I dream someone wearing beautiful dress, it means that person will be not well.

And it can tell that that person will pass away, if in the dream, I see that they are so beautiful and dress so well.

4. Lose something

If I dream I lose something, for example, I dream I lose my car, then soon, my car will be dragged into the garage. Honestly, it usually happens.

Like few weeks ago, I dreamt my laptop was stolen, but I found it. Then my laptop could not find internet connection, and I needed to bring it to see the technician, and yes, I spent USD 12.00.

If in the dream, I cannot find my thing, then it means my stuff is in serious error...

I don't want to dream about that.. because.. it makes me lose money T_T.


5. Lose body part

If I dream I lose my hair, it means I will be sick.

If I dream I lose my arm, it means I will have trouble in career or my financial status.

If I dream I lose my leg, it means I will have problem in career, perhaps I will lose my job.

I never dream I lose big.. but I ever heard a person had a dream about their relative wore red dress and lose their two arms and two legs. As a result, their relative had money trouble and was sent to jail.

So scared.

6. Cat

This animal I don't like both in reality and in dream.

When it appears in dream, it means someone is cheating or betraying me. 

Mostly, the cat represents someone who is close to me. Unless, in the dream says I never know that cat. If it does not tell anything, it means person around me is having not good  idea; perhaps they lie to me, perhaps they are using me, perhaps they are cheating my money, perhaps they are taking advantage from me.

Not good. Not good.

7. Cross water

If I dream I walk or drive something cross water, it means I am facing a trouble.

The size or dept of water indicates how big the trouble is.

Even walking under rain, it is not good too. It means I am living in trouble.

Hmm, not happy.


8. Pregnancy

When I dream that I am pregnant, it means I am having worry.

It does not say clearly what kind of worry is.

However, it is not big like on fire, dress in red, or lose body part. It just tells that I am unhappy, but it does not say I am facing trouble.

Feel released.


9. Is forced

It's scary both outside and inside the dream.

If I dream I am forced (intercourse) by someone, then my money will be cheated.

If the force is not successful, it means I may be able to save my money from the cheater.

If in the dream I allow myself to be forced, well, it can have two meanings:

  • I am cheated money without knowing - mean I will not able to find out even after I am cheated.
  • I agree to be cheated - even I know that they are trying to cheat my money. It can mean that I forgive them.

It is what I have noticed for years about the dream and its meaning.

However, I don't think it works on everyone. You can read and use it an idea. 

Still, I recommend you to note your own dreams. The meaning of dream is changed according to person, belief, and custom.

Only you can find the mysterious telling of your dream.

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