A tree motivates me


When I heard that my fictions, which were published on a website, were republished without my consent, I was angry. 

Shortly later, I calmed down.

At that time, I thought I was fine; I thought I was strong enough.

But after, I saw that I was weak. I cried for two nights.

My friends tried to encourage men; they comforted me. They told me to be away from the Internet for a while; they said I should do something to relax.

I decided to look at my photos and videos folders. 

I viewed them, one by one, slowly. There were many, including pictures of myself, places that I have been, nature, food, trees etc.

Suddenly, I found a few photos of a tree; I remember it was near my house.

When I saw the tree, I felt something.

That tree was special. It was growing along the wall of a house. Its root was not in the ground. However, it was alive, just it had no many leaves and it grew slowly.

When I saw it, I had a thought, 'It's root does not touch the land, but it can grow. I am human. My feet touch earth, my face can rise. Just met a small problem, I am hopeless and depressed, how can I survive in this world?'

After thinking, I become fresh. My mind is motivated. I am relaxed.

I don't feel anything anymore related to the stories that have been stolen. They will not halt, I know for sure, they will continue. Not only my stories but also other writers' stories. 

Well, I cannot stop them from taking my stories, however, I can reduce. 

I think, then I decided to not stop writing, but I will update my story one chapter in six months.

This is how I fight with the story-takers. Like I mentioned, I cannot end them. They are many, I am alone, and I am low-tech; I cannot win over them. Just I want to find justice for myself. 

I consider myself as a mother and stories are like my kids, so I will try my best to protect my children.


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