Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Both your friends that borrow or lend your money are not really good to you

Most of people experience this. We borrow money from our friend; we lend money to our friend.

Me too.

The friends that we borrow or lend money are people that we trust. We have been friend for many years, right?

Though we know each other long time, still we know only their faces, but not their minds.

Base on my own experience, whether they borrow money or lend money, they have same bad willing.


They borrow money to drag us down

Friendship for more than ten years, sometimes, it's a fake.

Face to face, they are so good to us, they care about us, they protect us, but in mind, they are jealous of us; they wait for chance to attack us.

In general, because we are friend for many years, we trust them, and we believe that they are good to us truly, they are our true friend, we never have bad thinking towards them. 

When they come to borrow money, we give them without consideration. We believe that they won't bother us if they have way. Also we believe they have no money, when they don't pay back - if they have, they will pay.

This point that makes us fall into trap of the bad friend.

They have trouble, they come to us. When they get out of the problem, they escape. Moreover, they wait to see and laugh at us. And we have to deal with money problem alone; we lose money because we believe in the fake friendship.

So, I suggest. It is better to not lend friend money. 


They lend money to us to ruin our name

Some friends pretend to be good. They never say 'No' when we go to borrow their money. In our mind, they are really good; they help us when we need them; they are so so so good friend.

But the true tail comes out...

When we have group meaning, among our friends, they say louder, "You owe me money. I don't need it yet. Keep it. When you have, then you can pay." 

Not only one time, always.. they say all the times when we attend the group meeting.

What do other friends feel when they hear? We don't know what they are thinking.. but one hundred percent, our image in their minds are not good anymore.

The real intention of these two kinds of friend is the same; they wait for chance to drag us down.

So, don't be happy if your friend lend you money. Be careful.

And I suggest you to not borrow money from friend.

You may think I am negative towards the people. Yes, I feel negative because I have experienced a lot. It is hard for me to trust people. However, I believe there are many good friends, but I am not sure that I am lucky to meet them or not.

In conclusion, whether you lend or borrow money from a friend, you should be careful. If it is not necessary, please don't involve money into your friendship.

Furthermore, please watch out before you make friend, or trust your friend. We cannot see their hearts.

It is better to be alone than make friend with fake friends.

Hope everyone be happy and lucky.

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