Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Green plants boost and motivate me

Sometimes, I feel hopeless. Sometimes, I lose my mood. Sometimes, I have no energy.

Life is not always green, right?

When I know that my life is lacking green, then I start to add the green.

I don't have big yard or balcony. Though, I can still grow the plants. Even at my window, I make it to be green.

Snake plant is good in land, right? But I want to try to grow it in water. And yes, I make it. It is growing slower than planting in soil; however, it can grow.

I grow this plant because I have heard it purifies the air.

Nowadays, the environment on the earth is not good. I don't know how to do because I am not scientist, but I want to help some, even a little. So, I decide to grow this snake plant. Hope it can save the air, at least, it purifies the air in my house.

This pansit pansitan is grown to be food. He he he.. I plan to fry it with beef.

Having this plant is able to cut spending. Moreover, it is good diet for me - because I eat much meat in my daily menu. I hope it gives me green including outside and inside my body.

This one is for food as well. I don't know exactly it is called in English. I check and it says it is edible amaranth - sorry, I am not sure it is correct or not.

I have heard it is good for all ages of people. And my sibling loves to eat this, so I grow it.


Growing the green plant becomes my favorite activity. 

I don't go out. I stay at home, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, thirty days a month. It gives me stress, and I cannot have well sleep some nights.

I don't want to spend my energy and eyes with the digital devices much. Besides update website or check some information, I am trying to do something to make my life meaningful, help reducing spending in family, and perhaps help the earth/people. And I have found the gardening is very good choice.

I am not farmer and I am not professional in garden as well. I don't know anything related to gardening. However, I will try and work hard to produce the green both for my life and my house.

If you want to follow up how I make the green from the start, and insane ideas related to house design or decoration, you can view the site yaya idea of mine.

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