Monday, August 16, 2021

How to clean your search history

Most of low tech people don't know that their internet searching can full their device's space. Me too.

When I brought my laptop to technician, they just told me that my Local C was heavy, they said I should clean documents to save space, but they never told me how to do it. What I knew was to delete documents that I did not need to recycle bin, then went to the bin to delete the documents inside.

Until one day, my friend found, then she claimed that I should clean not only the no-need-documents, but also internet search history. And she taught me how to do it.

Since then, I usually clean to save my electronic device.

I bet you don't want to know because you are high-tech person, but there are people that does not know and they are my article's target.

I don't waste your time, let start.

1. Turn off internet connection.

2. Open what you usually use : firefox? chrome? or internet explorer?

3. Go to right, then you see the three lines, click it, then search for 'History'.

4. Click 'History' then you will see like below.

5. Find the word 'Manage History'

Note : The words might change. Though, it cannot be avoided from word 'History', so please try to notice the used-word on your own device.

6. Click 'Manage History' then it will show you this.

7. On left, there are mentioning about months and years. Click month/year, then it shows in right box like in the above picture.

8. Click link on top - just click once then the link will become blue. 

9. Click 'delete' on your keyboard.

Note : Only link in blue can be deleted. This gives you choice. You can run through to see if any link you want to keep. If you want to delete all the links, then you can use method number 10.

10. After you click the top link to be blue, click 'shift', hold it, then you use down-arrow. With this, the blue will run down the below links.

Note : There is showing number of item. Number of item is number of link that you are going to delete. I want to suggest. The number of item should be not more than 300, because if you delete more than this, it will cause error. It does not give harm to your device, just it's stuck for seconds.

11. Remove hand from down-arrow, then press 'delete'. You can delete other remained links by repeating the method. 

Note : After you click top link to be blue, you can ctrl A then press 'delete' but I don't recommend you to do this. Like I mention, it does not make damage to your device, but it makes it stuck, maybe longer than half of minute.

That's all what I want to show.

Hope it can help.

Thanks for reading.


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