Tuesday, August 17, 2021

How to grow hair on bald forehead

I ever wrote about I used coconut oil to grow my hair. Now, I want to indicate another product that I have used to grow my hair, especially on my forehead.

It is my own experience. I cannot guarantee it works with all people. However, you can try.


I am lady, age about 40 years old. My forehead is not complete bald; it is just wide for my hairs usually fall.

Type of hair

My hair is oil type.


The cream I use is from my friend. She makes it by herself. 

At first, she produced it to give to relatives and friends. But friends think they shouldn't get it for free, so they pay her; I am among the friends as well.

Till today, the creator does not make it as business. She just makes it for fun and sells to relatives and friends only.

How to use

I take a small cream to apply on my forehead. Then I rub the forehead gently - like massage - for one minute.


After that, I cover my head, including forehead, with towel. I keep for twenty minutes before I take shower and shampoo hair.

How often to use

I use the cream once in three weeks.

It is oily product. If it is usually used, it can block the sweat pore. 

And I don't apply much amount.

Effectiveness and conclusion

On my forehead, there are many young hairs growing. Still, I need to take care of them. 

Apply cream cannot help at all. There are many factors that cause forehead and head to be having no hair. So, you have to take many caring steps to protect your head from being bald.

Like I have mentioned above and in previous article. We have different type of hair. I don't say my way is working with all of you. I just showed about the product and the way it works with me.

You can try if you want to know that it works with you or not.

However, don't ask me how to buy the cream if you are out of Cambodia. It is impossible to deliver to you.

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