Saturday, August 28, 2021

How to make PDF book to sell online


If you want to earn money, you have to know in mind that it is not easy and you cannot get it for free. Though, you can choose to spend less.

Like I sell PDF book online. I select simple process. I don’t get much, but at least I can earn.

Now, I show you what I do to make money into my pocket.

Scan book

As I mentioned in previous article, I make PDF book from paper book.

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I scan all, including cover front and back, and pages. Then I make them to PNG files.


I don’t use professional software – because I am low tech person. I choose to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the book.

I build the layout – all my PDF books use same layout and format.

After, I upload the images of scan-book. One slide I put two pages – same as pages of the paper book.

I also place copyrights – name of my online shop – in all slides.

This method cannot protect the file, but at least, I don’t want my file to be copied easily.

Next, I save it to PDF file.

Check and edit

After I got the file, I go through it, page by page, to check and verify if any page is lost.

Password protect

After checking that it is fine, I copy the file. I keep the original PDF file in peace. For the copied file, I put password to allow people to read but cannot print or convert to other type of file.

If you ask me, can this method protect the file?

My answer is like the above.


This is the easy way of mine to sell PDF book.

Well, it is my own experience, base on situation in Cambodia. You can read to take idea, and yes, you have to edit my method following your own current location and situation.

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