Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How to sell PDF reading book online, real experience

Hello readers,

Today, I'd like to show you how I sell PDF book online during the pandemic.

Don't expect me to gain much money. I get small; however, it is better than nothing.

Okay, I don't waste your time. Please read following.


I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Old Khmer books. Most of them were published before Pol Pot regime. Hence, the writers were passed away.

Tool to sell

I have a facebook page that launched since 2018.

At first, my page was for selling old Khmer book (paper). As the pandemic came, I have changed to sell PDF book.


Most of my customers are young adult. They are old book lover.

They are from Phnom Penh and some from provinces such as Siem Reap and Battambang.


I scan the paper book, then make it to PDF.


All books have same price, USD 1.

I choose this price because I think the customers can afford, and it is easy for me to calculate if they buy more than one book.

Payment method

I set ACLEDA ToanChet for payment because most Cambodian use it.

Sell & buy progress

I save PDF book into images, then I upload cover and some of pages for the customers to view. I put some information such as title, name of author, year of book publish, number of pages.

The customers can view the product. If they are interested, they can comment or inbox me.

I will tell them to pay first. After I get payment, I will send the document.

This is my selling book online progress.

Like other business, we have to be patient. Book is not like food. It is not important. Unless they like reading so much or they will not spend on buying book.

It is the way I can earn from selling PDF book in Cambodia. So, please observe and select your market according to your current location.

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