Sunday, August 8, 2021

I build up SMSM by myself

What is SMSM?

It stands for Self Made and Self Motivation.

One day, I met a very upset and angry story. I was irritated. I had big fire inside my mind. 

I locked myself in bedroom; I did not get out; I did not have meal.

From morning till evening.

During that, I had hard time to deal with my hunger.

My stomach was burn.

My body seemed lose strength.

My brain seemed tired.

At 8pm, I felt nausea.

At that time, I thought how hard to live without food. Then suddenly, an image of people that suffered from hunger came into my vision. 

I thought, 'I don't eat for one day only, I feel like I live in hell. And those people has lived in hunger for many years.. how hard they are.' 

After, images that poor people stayed under heat of the sun, no water etc. appeared in my eyes.

I had a thought, 'I don't have meal one day, but I have water to drink, I stay in a house, in room with air conditioner, I still have pain. But they...'

It is like magic, I became energetic. I did not sit to upset my stomach, my mind and my brain anymore. I got out and hurriedly went to kitchen. I needed to find something to eat. I had to eat to make myself healthy. Why? Because I want to become rich.

'When I become rich,' I swear to myself, 'I will not buy expensive cloth, I will not buy expensive car, I will not spend on unnecessary thing. I will save my expense and donate to people who is in need: food, water, shelter, and dress.'

I believe I can do it. Even I succeed one minute before I die, I must make my wish come true.

And because of my SMSM, in two days, I've made USD 15 by selling online.

Good start...

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