Friday, August 6, 2021

I don't want 1,000 views per day anymore

Because I want one thousand views per day, I make my health worse.

I sit more than one hour to produce article. My waists are hurtful. I got big belly. When I go to toilet, I feel painful.

I do not have well sleep. My brain works even in sleeping to think how I can get the traffic. My hair becomes white. My eyes are like panda's eyes.

I search days and nights to find way to make my site boom.

But now,  I don't want it anymore.

I will write what I want to write. I will post when I want to post.

I don't care if my site gains only one view per month.

I feel sorry after my health drops; I think I am wrong to run after money or success by #invest my health.

No more...

I don't chase the dream to become famous online influencer or a rich. I want to live happily, can walk, can run, can eat, can sleep, can see and enjoy the nature with everyone I love and everyone that love me.

I change from chasing the view to chase my niece in the yard.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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