Thursday, August 5, 2021

'PROFESSION OR INDUSTRY' made me do not get shortlisted, real experience

In October 2020, I applied for four jobs. All of them were related to writing/translating.

There were two jobs that I did not pass; among these two, I did not get shortlisted one.

I questioned myself why I didn't get shortlisted; I met all their criteria. 

'How can I fail?'

One month later, I re-checked, and by chance, I found the reason I did not succeed to get shortlisted. It is just small mistake.. very small.. but it impacts my whole CV and Cover Letter, and it was the cause the company did not accept me.

The error is on my Cover Letter. On the top of letter.

Let me show you.

Do you find the problem?

Here it is...

This part should be 'writer', 'translator', 'writing', 'translating'.

Why does this error happen?

Blame on my low tech skill and my carelessness.

I am not familiar with new format of CV and Cover Letter. I found it, and I wanted to try. 

I did not want to put this, so I deleted it, but I did not check properly - this part cannot be deleted. 

At that time, I was caring on the description in cover letter only. I checked the content, then I sent to the company.

When the company found this, I bet, they expected me to be careless person, so they threw away my resume. Of course, it's my carelessness. I am the one to be blamed.

One more associated error is I applied for several companies at same time. Even it is indirect cause, still I think it involves. It's like we're cooking soup while we are making cake. At the end, we lose one of them - or we might lose both.

So, when you apply for a job, you should:

1. not use any new form if you are low tech or not familiar with.

2. check whole things on CV and Cover Letter before you send.

3. not rush.

4. not apply for many jobs at same time or same day.

This is my recommendation. I hope my experience will able to help you.

Don't neglect the ant. Its itchy touch on skin can make you fall from the tree's branch.

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