Monday, January 17, 2022

Sites and platforms I use to increase my site traffic

Like other bloggers, I use many platforms to make my site reach the readers in the world.

There are fourteen that I utilize to share my articles.

1. Facebook

Everyone has it and all bloggers use it to promote and increase number of views.

2. Twitter

Same as Facebook. Very popular and very useful to increase our site's view.

3. LinkedIn

I have tried it, and it gives me a very noticeable traffic.

4. Tumblr

I gain less, but at least, I can find new blog readers.

5. Pocket

The number of view I receive is equal to Tumblr. However, I am happy to use it.

6. Instapaper

The platform is similar to Pocket. I am joyful to find this one

7. Medium

I play this before Instapaper, but it does not give much impression like Instapaper or Pocket. Though, I love to use it even it gives me very small view.

8. Instagram

I make this one to advertise about my site. It gives me impression as time passes by.

9. Youtube

Everyone use it. Me too.

10. Dailymotion

It is not popular like Youtube, but I like to play this one as well.

11. Wattpad

This is fiction platform. I don't feel it gives benefit to me because most of readers want to read story, not article.

12. Asianfanfics

It is like Wattpad. The readers don't have interest to view my site. Once in a while, I see one reader from this platform coming to my site.

13. Webnovel

There are few readers coming from this fiction platform, but they do not stay. They come then disappear after they find my site is not about fiction.

14. Wordpress

It is like blogspot. It gives better result to me more than the fiction platforms.

Okay, I have shown the sites and platforms that I have used to get traffic.

You can read and take as idea.

Success or not is depending on your own luck.

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