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What is your money luck, find yourself

Different people has different luck. And each person has own fortune.

I have spent for years to gain this kind of information. The ways below are personal way of my reference-people.

Well, I decide to post this; it is related to lucky way to pull money to yourself.

Aim of this article is to show only. I don't recommend you to believe. Moreover, I suggest you to read until the end of the article, especially the final part, it is very important.

There are eleven fortune ways:

1. Happy/laughing

Once you laugh, once you are happy, then money will come to you.

The strong laugh you have, the big amount you got.

But the important thing is that you must laugh/be happy truly. From pure of heart. It does not work if your lips are expanding, but your mind is sad or not happy. Furthermore, if you try to make yourself laugh, in order to get money, it will not succeed.

2. Angry

A person told me that they could get money when they are angry. What they mean is anger inside their mind.. only in the mind; they do not show anger outside. They keep anger in mind only.

The big flame they have, the big money they got.

Same as happy. You cannot create anger.. the volcano feeling has to come out from pure heart. If you fake your anger, you will gain nothing. And don't think you can lie; the universe sees through you clearer than you see yourself.

3. Sad

It sounds strange, but it works with some people.

When they are sad, or cry, then money comes to them.

Like number 1 and number 2, you cannot pretend you are sad. If you cannot be sad for real, or you push yourself to cry, then you are considered as liar, the heaven will not look at you.

4. Sun light

Some people need sun light to gain lucky money. They have to go out - even to a yard in order to drag money luck to themselves.

This method is the same; it needs pure heart. It means you must have willing to get the sun light, you are glad to see sun light, you are jolly to get sun light. It looks like sun light brightens your life.

If you can give true love to the light of the sun, then you will achieve your luck.

5. Pick money on the street

Few people can get money when they pick money on the street.

But one thing that they have to remember, they cannot spend this money. They have to keep it forever, cannot use. If they use or lose it, then the money does not reach for their hand.

Well, I want to clarify. The money here means a paper money, not in a wallet or purse. If you find a wallet or purse that is full of money, or a bunch of money, please return to the owner, okay? If you keep it, it does not bring you luck, but trouble instead.

Please be aware about this point.

6. Think opposite

For example, you go to buy a book. You think in mind that you can buy it. You go to it. At last, you don't get it.

The best way to get what you want is to think opposite.. 'I will not get it,' because of this, because of that etc. 

Like above methods, you have to believe one hundred percent that you don't get it. If your mind think you don't get it, but your feeling think you get, then it does not work; you will not able to achieve what you want.

7. Touch dirty thing

Garbage or anything that is dirty.. it can bring you money if you touch it by chance. If you plan to touch it, then sorry, your hand get that thing, but not money.

8. Put money on bed

A few people put money on their bed; they sleep on the floor or sofa. It is their luck. They can touch their money, but other cannot touch. And the money has to store on the bed. If they want to use, they can take some of them or all of them, but when they come home, they have to take money out of pocket or wall or purse, then set it back to on the bed.

Strange, right?

9. Wallet cannot be empty

Some people cannot make their wallet/purse empty. At least, they have to remain one or two note of money inside their wallet or they will be poor for many days, many months, or can be year.

10. Spend to get money

I think there are people that have such kind of luck. Me too. If I don't spend, I cannot get money. Unless I spend some of money that I have, then I will be able to gain more money into my account. 


There are some people are needed to combine two or three or all of the methods above together.



That's all the information that I have collected.

I bet you want to ask who gives me these methods, how can you know which one is your fortune, and how can you make it possible, for example, laugh with pure heart.

Well, I cannot tell who they are. Like I mentioned, these are their own ways that they have found by themselves. And I cannot disclose their identities, because some of them I had met by chance, some I have known. They share me their secret because we are good to each other, and they trust that I will not expose their names even the sky falls over me. I must keep my promise.

How can you know which one is your luck? There is no reply. Only you can find the answer. And there are more than these, I ever heard. Like I said in the beginning, everyone has own luck. Perhaps you have to apply each method and notice if it is effective or not. Or you can inspect your daily living.

If you want to ask me how you can make it, sorry, it is impossible to answer. However, I can give you a clue. It is related to the reference-people. I have noticed, most of them practice Buddhism. They have practiced meditation, and some have prayed to Buddha. They gain wisdom, they don't lie, they don't cheat, they don't steal; they don't do any bad thing. Each of them have performed the Buddhism more than ten years. Furthermore, they are not greedy. They don't use this to gain money into their pocket to be rich. They just use to reduce some difficulty that they are facing; and yes, they live daily living like us - go to work, do business, sleep, eat. In my opinion, because they have pure heart and peaceful mind, that's why they can see through and find the luck.

One more thing that I have heard from them. When they perform their lucky method, they don't wish for fast achievement. They said it is impossible to practice today, and money arrive tomorrow. It rarely happens. And they never wait for it. They do, then they forget about it. They don't care. If they wait or wish for it, the money will delay, maybe months, maybe years, or it will not come.

I have mentioned; I don't expect you to believe or trust. I just want to show what I have known. 

Speak honestly, I am earning by selling the knowledge that I have studied, researched, or collected for almost forty years. So, I just hope you enjoy my writing. Even you find my article funny and laugh and come back to my website, I am glad. It is best for me.

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