Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Writer needs massage device

Writer has to sit for more than five hours to complete a text. They need to think, they need to plan, they need to search, before they write. Then they need to check, they need to verify before they publish.

Not only fiction but also non-fiction and other kinds of writing.

Therefore, writer's waists are part that usually got hurt.

My waists as well.. sometimes, I pain for one week.

However, I cannot stop sitting because I need to write, to earn money. And it causes my waists and my back bone hurt.

In order to reduce the pain, I bought a massage device. I bought when it was during promotion period.

I don't want to spend money if it is not necessary. But I really need it. It is faster than going to massage and spa center. Furthermore, I can write and I can use it at same time.

Though, it cannot eliminate my pain, but it helps me some.

The best way to stop waist pain is to not sit too long. But it is impossible.. because I am writer, now, I am blogger; writer and blogger job makes me double sit.

Living is not easy.

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