Monday, September 20, 2021

Being female blogger being harassed

On earth seems not secure for woman.

I usually read news about women get harassment - including live streamer.

Me too, I've got harassment, but through words.

I have written fiction for adult. My story is not famous, but quite popular. I make note that I write for people to read, and fiction is just a kind of literature only.

Then I've got a comment from male viewer calling me out to spend evening with.

Just saw the comment, I hurriedly fixed. I am low tech; I don't know how to delete comment in fiction platform. I can report, but I think it spends time, and I don't want their comment to be seen by other readers; therefore, I decide to delete my story - then the comment has gone with it.

Recently, I've got another harassed comment again.

It is not on fiction platform; it is on Youtube.

I'm also a vlogger. My channel talk about administration task. Most of my videos are about sample of official letter/request, in Khmer language.

One comment was post, in Khmer, asking me do I have request letter to have sex.

I didn't think much. I logged in my account and deleted the comment.

I feel horrible to receive such treat from those guys. They don't show they are man or woman. I cannot say they are male or female.

Everyday, I feel not secure to live in this world.

I have seen a lot of news about harassment women meet when they go out. So, I decide to stay at home and do self-employment online, still, I am bothered.

It is not good.

Hence, to women around the world.. please be careful. Try to take care of yourself both you are out and in house.

Also, to men.. please give respect to us, women; please protect us and give value to us. Don't harass us both oral or verbal. We are live on same earth. We are sibling.

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