Thursday, September 30, 2021

Feminine way to promote site traffic

I am woman. I am low tech. I am soft heart.

I usually care much about other.

I don't know how to make my site gain many views like other professional. Even though I read a lot of sources, still I don't understand and don't know how to do to make my site boom.

However, I don't give up; I try to search more and I edit following my own capacity.

SEO professionals say we should create account on different social media; I do.

SEO professionals say we should make friend with people who is playing on that media; I do.

SEO professional say we should make friend with accounts that are famous or popular; well, I don't follow.


From my point of view, the famous account does not need me. They have plenty of friends and followers. I am nothing to them.

I choose to make friend with new account or not famous account. I can feel how they are wanting follower and want to be recognized - because I experienced myself.

When I was a newbie on online, I opened my account hundred time to see if anyone clicked 'like' my post or followed me. I waited and waited days and days - and I felt upset when I saw my account was zero all the times.

I ever tried to present myself on famous accounts. I clicked like their posts, I made comments; however, I did not get any attention.

I was very upset, also I was so angry. 

I told myself, "I don't need famous people to promote me. I can promote myself."

After, I have tried to use what I have and what I know to promote myself until getting at this position like today.

Though, I am not famous and have million followers like other, but I am proud of myself because I can make it without rely on famous accounts.

Because of that experience, I change my idea and my way to LIKE or follow people that has less followers. I can feel they are happy when they see their post get 'Like' or their account get follower. I don't wish them to give LIKE back to me and I don't want them to follow me back. What I really want is to encourage them, to motivate them.

I am glad when I see all accounts I follow remain online. And it will be great if they can go up and become famous. It is not important if they recognize me or sense I help them. It is not necessary; I don't need myself to be noticed.

When we do good, we will receive good.

People that I click LIKE or follow does not pay me LIKE or follow me, but I got support from others.

All posts that I have shared on social media platforms, I don't get any 'like'; and my media accounts have less than ten followers.

However, my site increases view number non-stop and it gives me earning.

If asking me what do I think about this? My answer is heaven helps me. I am paid what I've done, with pure heart, by the heaven, by the universe.

I believe it.

Hence, I continue doing, follow account and LIKE post of people who is wanting.

I ever told people that I have met. They laugh at me. Some of them say this is feminine way; they say my life will not be developed.

"Yes, because I am feminine," I state with smile. "And I am proud of myself to be feminine and use feminine method."

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