Thursday, September 2, 2021

First day at office is needed to be careful



In this article, I will show my experience and what I have learnt from first days at offices.

‘Workplace’ I mention here, some are different organizations, some are same organization but different department.



To indicate the matter that had happened to me, but I don’t mean it happens same to other people. I just want to give as example to the readers if they meet same or similar situation, what they should do.

Let start…


At first workplace

My senior asked, “Do you know how to write meeting report?”

I answered frankly, “No, I don’t.”

The senior did not say anything, and I did not notice anything.

After working for few weeks, I heard that my senior and some colleagues had talked behind me that I had no competence, I could not write even report.


At second workplace

My senior asked, “Can you write report?”

I stated, “Yes, I can.”

Then the senior assigned me to write meeting report.

I remembered they said my report content was weak and lacked many things. They also blamed me, “You said you can do. Look at your report. It is like primary pupils writing.”


At third workplace

My senior asked, “Can you do report?”

I stated, “No, I cannot, but I want to learn.”

After hearing, they did not say anything.

Few days later, they told me to write a report of a meeting. I did with all my best. The senior did not say anything after seeing my job. Since that day, they usually asked me to write report. I did not refuse and worked with all my heart. Later on, I found the reports that I made was under name of my senior – no my name was mentioned even to ear of the boss. Then I knew I was used.


At fourth workplace

My senior asked, “Do you know how to write report?”

I stated, “No, I don’t, but I have willing to learn.”

They gave me a test. I made, but not perfect job.

When they read my report, they said I wrote this correctly, but I wrote that wrong, I should write this, I should write that etc. They taught me how to do a report.

Then I could learn their style of writing report. I gained new knowledge.


Lesson learned

In workplace, you have colleagues.

Some colleagues are good. Some are bad. Some want to use you. Some want to kick you away especially when they know you have higher opportunity than them to get promotion.

When you are a newbie, you have to spend time to study about work and the people in same organization with you.

During that, you can meet trouble. So best way to protect yourself is to hide half competence. From the first day, don’t let anyone know what you can do what you cannot do. Try to stay low, but don’t stay under them. Try to make yourself equally to them.

With this tactic, the bad colleague might not dare to give trouble to you. They might act, but not full action, because they don’t know you; they are afraid they might get into trouble. Then you will be in peace and can take time to learn about work environment and your colleagues – until you surely find out who you can believe who you cannot believe.

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