My motivated tree is still alive

I published an article about a tree that can grow even if its root is not in soil.

On September, 05th 2021, I decided to do walking exercise after staying at home for six months.

I wore a mask, and I put hand washing liquid in my pants' pocket.

When my feet stepped out of gate, first place I went, before I performed a workout, was where the tree was located. It was on a small street near my house.

I walk along narrow cement street until I reached the middle of the road.

I saw it. It was still there. It was still alive.

I took photo and a short video of the tree.

I admire the plant; I feel it is stronger than me. Under sunlight, without soil, it still struggles to live its life. Me, when I meet a small obstacle, I lose hope, and sometimes, drown myself in tears and want to end life. I feel embarrassed. 

I promise to myself that I will be stronger; I will live my life happily like my idol tree though living is well off or poor. 

Life is to be happy.


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