Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Types of PDF books sell in Cambodia in 2021

During the pandemic, online business is only kind that can be survived.

Almost stores turn into online store.

Even book writers. They are changing from paper to digital book.

There are five types of PDF book that Cambodian still agrees to buy.

1. Old published book

It's what I am doing.

I sell PDF of content books that were published during 1960 to 1979, and from 1985 to 2000.

They are related to cultural and historical study, general knowledge, and fiction.

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2. Fiction

For new writers, they write fiction more than non-fiction.

Now, Cambodian writers are making their story into PDF to sell. Most of the stories are about romance, ghost, and crime. Some are doing story for adult.

Though it is not well welcomed like printed book, still the readers support because PDF book is cheaper and they do not need to be worried to go out of home.

Price is ranked from USD 4.00 to USD 8.00.

3. Political book

Books that are written/translated related to politic, politic analysis, are favored by male readers. Most of fan age from 30 to 60, and they are men in office.

This type of book is expensive; still it can be sold. Some is higher than USD 20.00.

For Cambodian, this amount is the high price of book.

4. Trade/business book

It is so popular in Cambodia, nowadays. Readers, especially young people, like to read this kind of book. If the title is related to how to earn money fast, how to become successful business fast, then it can be sold quicker than old published book, fiction or even political book.

Price is quite high, around USD 10.00.

5. Self motivation book

Young adults that are studying college and university adore such content.

Actually, they prefer paper than PDF, but still the writers can sell in digital form.

It has good price, from USD 5.00 to USD 8.00.

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Book is not top business. Plus hard current situation, number of readers are decreased. However, some writers and book business can be survived through digital selling.

It does not mean all writers can earn from PDF book, and not all of them produce it.

Successful PDF book selling depends on how famous writers are, how many fan they have. Sometimes, it is relied on price of book. If it is cheap, it can be sold easily.

If you think of selling PDF book, to your direct customers, then you have to search your area's market. 

To be honest, this kind of job does not spend much, but it does not give you much as well.

If you want to try, then do it.

Good luck.

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