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When team leader creates bad rumor behind you


It is my experience in office and it is my personal way to solve the problem as well.

I hope the readers take as idea, then edit due to own situation.


Matter introduction

I passed and got a job as administration in an organization.

In the administration team, there were head of the team, team supervisor, a female and two males team members. Head of team, supervisor, and female colleague were in room next to boss's room. Two male colleagues were in room opposite. When I entered, I was told to sit in the room with the male colleagues.

Mostly, the male colleagues did not stay in room. Their job were outside more than in office.

All times, I stayed alone.

It was boring, because there was no work for me.

I wondered, and I ever asked the female colleague. She said she did not have idea; she told me to ask the team leader by myself. Then I went to team leader; he said there was no any job yet, if there was any job related to me, he would give me. After hearing, I went back to my room.

Few weeks later, still no work. However, I did not have any thought about this matter.

Then, I heard colleague from different department telling me that in the organization, people talked about me; they said I came to take salary for free. When I heard that, I was surprised. I told myself I could not believe easily. I went to other colleagues - they said same. I was frustrated. Why they said like that? I continued searching, and I was shock to find out that the person that created rumor about me was my team leader - he wanted to keep the position for his relative, but I came before; therefore, he gave bad mouth about me; his plan was if the words reached ears of the boss, then I would be moved away.

At first, I was so angry. I wanted to go to him and asked him directly. But I tried to calm down myself and thought.

He was team leader. He worked for many years. His image was bigger than me, and he was my management. If I harassed him, people might not believe me and it could damage my image stronger. I could not fight with him like this.

After thinking, I stayed calm and kept myself in room as usual.

During that, I was thinking what I should do.

I collected the information, then I made analysis:

What people was thinking about me was I did not work, I came to office to sit, and got salary. If so, I should show I had work, but the team leader did not give work to me; his tactic was to make everyone see me have a lot of free time. I could ask work from other department, but I heard from my female colleague that the team leader hated staff under his control doing work without telling him - if any department wanted to give work to member in administration office, they had to ask permission from him. Hearing that, I felt I could not go to ask job from other.

I thought and thought.. then I got an idea.

'He does not give me work. I cannot work with other departments. But I can create my own work.'


How I solve

The organization's working hour was 8:00 AM. 

I came office about 7:30 AM. I went into my room. 

My room was considered a storage of documents. I checked and found a key. Older documents were placed in folder, but there was no name list of the document and number of folder. So, I created a list to insert kinds of document folders and numbers of the each kind folder. I did not do all, I just noted few only into the list. Then I printed it and placed in paper folder. 

I waited until 9:00 AM, then I carried the paper folder and walked out of room.

I went into room of another department. I went to say good morning and had a quick chit-chat then I got out, and went into another room. I did like in previous room. I went to about two of three rooms, then I returned to my office.

About 11:00 AM, I went out again. I went to room of other department, but different rooms from in the morning. And I did not forget to carry the paper folder in hand.

At afternoon, I re-did.

In a day, I went out four to five times. I went to different rooms inside the organization.

In the evening, I waited to leave late, and I chose to go at same hour that senior or higher position colleagues left. I usually created a face meeting with them on stair or at exit door.

I practiced everyday.

People did not say anything at first. After few days, they spoke to me when they saw me at the door, "Why you don't go home yet? It is late. You have a lot of works?"

I did not reply, just smiled.

Later, number of people began to notice about me. 

When I went to say good morning, and I left quickly, they said, "Why so hurry up?" and I said I had to go to this room or that room. After hearing, they stated, "You look so busy." I did not say. I just gave a smile. Before I left their room, I held the paper folder in my hand before. I wanted to show them and I wanted them to see that I was working; the paper folder was a proof.

This tactic worked. People started to doubt what they had heard. Their eyes at me seemed change. I could see my appearance in their eyeballs was brightening and I could see they smiled at me much more.

Also, I could sense my team leader would hear about me and he would have question what work I was doing when he did not give me anything. I guessed he would come to me to check by himself.

I did not fear. I prepared to welcome him. 

I practiced my show like usual. When I came back to room, I updated my list.

Then the team leader appeared. He came into room and saw me typing. I smiled and greeted him normally. He asked what I was doing. I told him I was classifying documents. He walked close to my table. I knew; I prepared already; I set paper folder with the print-document-name list on my desk. He came near then opened my folder - he wanted to check if I was doing job of other without informing him, he would able to blame me or used as excuse to kick me out of his team.

"What is that?" He said when he read the list.

"It is name list of documents," I said.

"Where you get them?"

"They are here," I told and pointed to folders in metal cabinet at corner of the room. 

"Who tell you to do that?"

"No one. I do myself. I am bored, so I want to find work to do. And I think this is good to manage and control if any document is missing."

After hearing my claim, he was quiet, then he went out.


Lesson learned

When you meet a bad team leader, don't try to confront with them. You should calm down. You should collect information from colleagues including what they talk about you, what rumor they produce against you. You have to collect from many people, don't listen to just few people. Try to get information as mush as possible. Also, you should find information related to the team leader, such as their personality, their way of work etc.

After, create opposite performance, from the rumor, of yourself to the colleagues. No need to tell them with words, show them that you are not like the rumor says.

Don't forget master plan before you take action. Prepare and organize everything by using the information you've got. 

Remember, in this situation, don't leave a mistake or weak point for the bad team leader to catch or your effort will be ruined.

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