Sunday, October 31, 2021

Mushroom gives me a comfort

First month of monetized blogspot site, I've got about USD 6.00. Then in second month, I've got USD 1.00. And this month, I am going to have about USD 2.00 only.

It is not result that I want.

Honestly, I am not happy.

I don't have strength and mood to write. I lose energy. Very very very down.

I don't want to think anything. I want to find a peaceful and quiet spot; I want to stay alone and no where is better than my balcony gardening.

I sit on floor and watch the green plants. 

In a row of sweetsop bottles, I spot one is about to fall down, so I take it up. In a meantime, I see things in lower soil, under the sweetsop plant.

What is that?

I take it close to my eyes. 


My gosh, there are mushrooms in my plastic bottle.

Look amazing.

How can they grow underneath?

The small living organisms are struggling against the soil and the bottle wall. Even the space is narrow and many things are above, still the soft guys work hard to grow.

At that time, these mushrooms seem saying to me, "Your site is underneath. There are a lot of websites. Hundreds, thousands, millions. They are covering you. But don't give up. Do as me. Even though I am below the soil and the plant, and I am sandwiched between bottle and soil, still I can grow up. I can make it even in the small and narrow space, and I believe you can make it too."

And because of their mute whisper, I feel hope comes back and I try to collect energy to continue writing - by searching for topic.

"Big thank, mushrooms. You give me strength to stand up and walk."

"You're welcome."

Friday, October 29, 2021

Meaning of dream about cat living in phone screen

It is unbelievable for you, but for me, I trust my dream.

My dream is usually telling me what will going to happen to me.

I ever mentioned about pirate website took my story to republish.

Before it happened, I had had a dream.

In the dream, I held a cell phone in my hand. The phone was turned off. Then I switched it on.

When it was on, I noticed phone screen had something strange. I watched it closely then I saw many cats inside the screen - those cats were in cartoon form. I was surprised and frightened. Immediately, I fell the phone off my hand. The device dropped on land and broke its screen, then the cats jumped out of the screen phone.

When I woke up, I thought about the meaning of this dream.

In general, when I dream about cat, it means someone close to me is having not good idea towards me - it can be they lie me something or they want to cheat my money.

But I felt the cats in dream were not pointing to my close-people because in the dream, I was told I did not have relation with those cats. 

I tried to make consumption: 

- there were many cats mean there were many scammers.

- I did not know cats mean scammers should not be people I have contacted.

- cats in screen phone mean scammer should be meet me through phone.

- I broke phone and those cats came out mean I found out about them.

After this dream, about one week later, I saw the result.

My consumption was quite correct.

At that time, my fictions that I published on fiction platforms were republished on pirate website. When I found out, I was so angry and upset, then I decided to pause writing. I made announcement to tell my readers about the problem and my decision.

After, there were comments.

When I looked at the comments, I sensed immediately that they were from pirate website because there were several suspicious points:

1. comments posted on same hour, same day.

2. comments had same concept, 'update'.

3. even name of people who made comments were not one, but the names looked similar.

4. comments were mentioned on fictions that was not finished and I had made announcement to pause writing.

Base on these, I was sure that they were not my real fans; they pretended to be my fan to lure me to finish my fiction - then they could complete story, that they stole from me, on their site.

Smart guys.

I thought this problem ended. But it still happens... 

On one of fiction platforms, that I am a member, recently gains many 'adding to collection'.

If it were in before, I would be happy and I would write more stories, but after the matter, I am calmed down and considerate; I don't trust easily.

There are more than twenty in a day clicking add my fiction to their reading collection. To make sure, I click each account.

Result - most of the clickers are new sign up. No any work on their wall, and there is no reading collection; I don't find collection that they clicked add my story.

In conclusion, I meet fake fan again. The smart people lie to me. They click adding my fiction to reading collection hoping I will be fall into their trick - to believe I have many fans then I would continue write/publish story.

Um, these smart guys...

I ever think about the dream. Like I said, it should be ended, why it continues till today. 

After reminding, I find the answer.

In the end of the dream, when cats came out from broken screen, there were few cats still living in the screen. So, it means there are people from pirate website coming to me. Because I did not notice it, that's why I assume wrongly that the smart guys stop follow me.

I understand now. There are many smart guys. They follow me. They fishing not only one platforms but all platforms that I have signed up.

Well, I think I make them hopeless. 

Even though there are many supporters and they are real fans, still I will not complete my unfinished novel and I don't publish fiction regularly; I will publish once in a very long while when I have free time and feeling to write. 

Hmm, let it be.

I cannot escape from them, thought, because I am writing online. Unless I stop writing, then my fiction will not be stolen.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sample of text in email to apply for a job

Hello my youtube fan,

Please see below the sample of text to write in email to apply for a job when you are applying through email.

Don't forget edit it.


Dear Sir or Madame,


I would like to apply for a position of associated editor & reporter at your company according to the advertisement on*.

I have attached my CV and Cover Letter for your reference.

I would like to thank for your kind consideration and I am waiting to hear from you.

Your faithfully,


* on my university's, name of university, job announcement board.

* according to my friend telling.

4 types of investment in Cambodia in 2021

Base on what I have noticed, in year 2021, there are four types of investment that Cambodian seems interested in.

1. Real estate

At first, Cambodian likes to rent house and save money to buy home next. Because of the pandemic, Cambodian changes idea. Most of people are trying to buy house. They think paying for house is better because in the future, that house will be theirs. Differently, if they rent house, they pay but that house is not their property.

Hence, there are many businessmen put investment to build houses. The most popular is called Borey.

2. Bank

It is related to real estate situation.

People wants to buy house, but some of them are not having enough money, so in order to get a house, they have to get loan and it is reason number of bank and also micro-finance are increased.

If the bank or micro-finance charges small interest, then it can attract more client.

However, banking is a kind of investment of riches only.

3. Education

Number of private schools are growing day by day.

All kinds of school: toddler, grade 1 to grade 12, and even the university.

The private schools are competitive. They produce high curriculum, and some of them use materials from abroad.

Nowadays, Cambodian parents love to send their kids to school that teaches more than one language - adding on Khmer language. Most of the private school in Cambodia focuses on English. Some school have English and Chinese.

4. House building store

In order to build house for sell, they have to buy building materials. Hence, many Cambodian opens store selling stuff for house construction especially flooring, toilet, shower/bath etc.

It is good too if they sell iron, stone, cement.

In conclusion, all materials that are related to house building.

These four types of investment, that I mention, are what Cambodian prefer to invest nowadays. I don't know about in the future.

If you want to invest, you have to consider carefully. These investment needs much money. Don't take risk if you are not having less fund or don't have clear work plan.

Monday, October 25, 2021

4 types of social media and software program Cambodian use in 2021

Technology is taking control the world especially in 2021. Social media and software programs are popular and taking part in daily living, communication, even career/business of people. Cambodian too.

In year 2021, there are four types of technology services that Cambodian like to use, especially for their career improvement.

1. Facebook Page

It is considered as online store.

Cambodian prefers to create page to present their business service. 

In 2021, most activity is live stream. Cambodian business people, especially beauty product seller, like to use live-stream to sell their product, and most of them got good earning.

2.  Instagram

There are many Cambodian using this one. 

Besides posting photo, this social media can be used to sell product such as book, cake (home made), and also beauty product.

3. Telegram

This software is popular used by writer, news website.

Most of the users like to create channel then they can share their voice or link.

4. Zoom

As for this one, it is a tool in education and official task.

Zoom is utilized by school, especially private school, to teach students. It is also used for office-people to have meeting from distance. NGO, private sector, even public sector use this program.

Not only meeting but also workshop or seminar online.


There are many kinds; however, for business or work, Cambodian prefer these four. These technological programs are popular in Cambodia years ago, but it just boom in 2021.

Let's see what type of the social media and software program that will come in the future.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

My laptop got connection after using prolink wireless

I ever experienced that I could not share internet connection from my phone.

I shut down and kept for more than one hour, but it still could not find connection.

I kept it for three days to make sure. Still it did not connect. So, I decided to go to computer center to check. The laptop repair technician told me that my wireless was broken. He recommended to use wireless prolink; it was cheaper.

After I put it, I could share hotspot to my laptop.

Nowadays is era of technology. We have to up to date. Me too. I try to follow up digital and technology production. I am low tech, and I don't have basis in IT or technology; however, I have to improve myself in order to survive in on the earth.

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