Thursday, October 14, 2021

4 businesses run in August 2021

In Phnom Penh, there are four types of businesses that seem go well during August of 2021.

1. Homemade cookie or cake

It is heard that cookie or cake that made by housewife is popular.

Most of the customers are young people. They adore if the product is unique and limited edition.

Interesting point is that they like to buy through Instagram.

2.Cold Drink

Cool drinks from brand coffee shop gains popularity so much.

Perhaps it is because of stress and pressure; therefore, people likes to order cold drinks to boost their mood.

Always, the order is made through app.

3. Cactus

It is true. Cactus sellers seem able to earn money even the situation is hard.

Cutie, color, and cheap price - under USD 10.00 - cacti can be sold to customer through facebook page.

It's considered quite good business in the year.


4. Food and delivery app

Of course, if people wants to get all three things above and other, they need to use delivery service. 

In Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, there are many apps for ordering food and drinks.

Also, there are apps that delivery goods, including food, drink, daily using stuff, dress, book and so on.


These are type of businesses that go well even during the tough year.

Actually, there are more, but I am familiar with these four types more than other, so I post only about them.

If you are out of Cambodia, and you want to earn money, from home, perhaps you can consider any business among the four above. However, please think deeply before you choose and decide to do.

Good luck.

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