Thursday, October 21, 2021

4 careers Cambodian housewives do in 2021

After marrying, some Cambodian woman chooses to stay at home; some still goes to work like they do before married.

Nowadays, because the companies reduce staff, so even office women have to come to stay at home.

During 2020 and 2021 are hard period for the family especially if they have kids. They need money to support living, and need to take care of kids at same time. When husband goes to work outside, wife stays at home, taking care of children and doing career to earn to help supporting the family as well.

What do they do?

1. Writing creative story

It is one of jobs that housewife can work from home.

There are book publishers, specially in Phnom Penh city. 

After writing, they can send story to the publishers. If their story is accepted, then they get money.

Just this kind of job does not get much earning. Though, it can be a helpful.

2. Online seller

Some of housewives work as online seller. 

They don't need to have goods in stock. They just need to have social media account and have many friends/followers. Then they can contact to company or whole seller to be their partner. 

They post or live talking about the product. When customer orders online, they contact to company to send product to the buyer, and they take commission.

This kind of job gives quite good earning. Just it is needed to be good talker, can talk more than one to three hours.

3. Sell food online

Well, if they cook delicious, they can earn money from this kind of business.

They can post their food with price and contact number on social media, or they can apply app.

Not only food but also beverage or cake.

4. Sell fruit

Some housewives choose to sell fruit. Now, Cambodian people supports local fruits. If their fruit is coming from their own farm or their relative's farm, they can earn popularity fast and also money come after.

These are four kinds of job/business that Cambodian housewives do in these period.

There are other, but I choose to talk about these four only.

Though the earning is less than salary in office, but it is a helpful especially for women that look after babies at home and want to find money to support living.

You can too, but please consider deeply before you choose any of these.

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