Wednesday, October 27, 2021

4 types of investment in Cambodia in 2021

Base on what I have noticed, in year 2021, there are four types of investment that Cambodian seems interested in.

1. Real estate

At first, Cambodian likes to rent house and save money to buy home next. Because of the pandemic, Cambodian changes idea. Most of people are trying to buy house. They think paying for house is better because in the future, that house will be theirs. Differently, if they rent house, they pay but that house is not their property.

Hence, there are many businessmen put investment to build houses. The most popular is called Borey.

2. Bank

It is related to real estate situation.

People wants to buy house, but some of them are not having enough money, so in order to get a house, they have to get loan and it is reason number of bank and also micro-finance are increased.

If the bank or micro-finance charges small interest, then it can attract more client.

However, banking is a kind of investment of riches only.

3. Education

Number of private schools are growing day by day.

All kinds of school: toddler, grade 1 to grade 12, and even the university.

The private schools are competitive. They produce high curriculum, and some of them use materials from abroad.

Nowadays, Cambodian parents love to send their kids to school that teaches more than one language - adding on Khmer language. Most of the private school in Cambodia focuses on English. Some school have English and Chinese.

4. Construction material store

In order to build house for sell, they have to buy materials. Hence, many Cambodian opens store selling stuff for house construction especially flooring, toilet, shower/bath etc.

It is good too if they sell iron, stone, cement.

In conclusion, all materials that are related to house's construction.

These four types of investment, that I mention, are what Cambodian prefer to invest nowadays. I don't know about in the future.

If you want to invest, you have to consider carefully. These investment needs much money. Don't take risk if you are not having less fund or don't have clear work plan.

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