Monday, October 25, 2021

4 types of social media and software program Cambodian use in 2021

Technology is taking control the world especially in 2021. Social media and software programs are popular and taking part in daily living, communication, even career/business of people. Cambodian too.

In year 2021, there are four types of technology services that Cambodian like to use, especially for their career improvement.

1. Facebook Page

It is considered as online store.

Cambodian prefers to create page to present their business service. 

In 2021, most activity is live stream. Cambodian business people, especially beauty product seller, like to use live-stream to sell their product, and most of them got good earning.

2.  Instagram

There are many Cambodian using this one. 

Besides posting photo, this social media can be used to sell product such as book, cake (home made), and also beauty product.

3. Telegram

This software is popular used by writer, news website.

Most of the users like to create channel then they can share their voice or link.

4. Zoom

As for this one, it is a tool in education and official task.

Zoom is utilized by school, especially private school, to teach students. It is also used for office-people to have meeting from distance. NGO, private sector, even public sector use this program.

Not only meeting but also workshop or seminar online.


There are many kinds; however, for business or work, Cambodian prefer these four. These technological programs are popular in Cambodia years ago, but it just boom in 2021.

Let's see what type of the social media and software program that will come in the future.

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