Friday, October 22, 2021

7 points I found in world millionaires success

Do you want to be rich?

Me too. 

I want to have much money. So, I try to find way to become a rich. And I like to read history of the millionaires to find out how they can become wealthy.

I have read summary history of world millionaires. Base on their biography, I note important points. I have found they have similarities:

- they started from young age.

- they build a team.

- they have clear goal.

- they are educated.

- they ever were employee.

- they experienced failures.

- they invest in real estate, banking, digital and technology.

After I've got these, I consider about myself:

- I don't start from young age.

- I don't have team, and I don't want to build a team.

- I have goal.

- I am educated.

- I ever worked as employee.

- I have experience failures.

- I don't invest in real estate because I don't like. I don't invest in banking because I am not good and I don't have capacity. However, I like digital and technology and I am applying investment in it.

According to this study, I think I am on the way. So, if I work hard, and if I find right way, perhaps I can become a rich soon.

I give myself up.

Clap, clap, clap.

Okay, go on...

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