Monday, October 4, 2021

Because I don't throw it away

I learn one thing from my DIY gardening.

I selected five edible amaranths to plant. One had nothing; it was bald stem. My family said this one would not be able to live. But I decided to try, I did not throw it away, I put it into soil and kept it. I watered it. I took care of it like I did to other plants.

The four edible amaranths grew, then two of them died - other two are still alive and are having many leaves.

Only this one. It was still a bald plant.

I waited for thirty three days.

In the morning of October, 30th 2021, when I go to check, I find a tiny green leaf from the bald one.

Oh my...

I am glad to see that. I'm so so so happy.

Oh my gosh.. because I don't throw it away, because I don't give up, because I believe it can grow, and now it really grows.

My heart smiles from morning to evening.

Later, I reflect myself. 

I have spent effort being a fiction author for many years, but I don't see any development. I ever think to give up; I don't want to write anymore.

But what I meet today gives me hope and encouragement. If I still have breath, I will be able to achieve one day. Like what I have done to edible amaranth. It would not have today if I abandoned it.

Okay, I don't quit writing. I keep go on.

I don't give up and I give it up.

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