Saturday, October 9, 2021

Because the sun is still rising

I ask myself everyday. When will I able to get out of house?

I want to meet my friends. I want to eat papaya salad. I want to drink coconut juice. I want to go shopping...

I believe not only me but also everyone is asking same question.

However, you don't have idea when it ends nor do I.

"Time does not wait for you. We are the one who wait for time."

It is statement that my family usually say.

And because of this speech, I awake - I should not waste my time.

I try to make myself positive.

I try to make my daily life meaningful.

I get up. I say good morning to my balcony garden.

I workout.

I help cooking.

I write articles.

I write fiction.

I read book and online news.

I play with my niece.

I have chit chat with my family.

I listen to dharma.

I read Buddhist dharma.

I do meditation.

In addition, I eat healthy diet. I go to bed early and got up early. I never forget to drink water. Water is good; it helps my health and it refreshes my feeling - and I drink warm water always.

Every day, I try my best to make myself happy. I remove what makes me sad, what makes me fear, and what gives me pressure.

I tell myself, "Because the sun is still rising."

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