Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Clouds teach me about life

My life instructors are different from other. Most of them are not human.

Before, I talked about the tree that motivated me.

Now, I want to talk about cloud. It makes me understand about life on the earth.

I stay in balcony and look at the sky.

There is a cloud before me.

It is white.

Then it has darker color.

After, the dark spot returns to bright shade slowly and become white like previous time.

Shorter than five minutes, the cloud changes, even the shape.

When I see this, I consider. 

Even though we have happy life, but not always. We have to meet dark days. But the bad days does not always stay; it can come, it can go too, and we can be back to our brightening day.

Same as my life...

Before I was having a brightening living. I had job. I had part time job. I got salary and extra-money.

After, I lost my job, even the part time career. I felt down. I was upset when I opened my purse and saw less money.

Later on, I became self employment. I created blog and it was permitted to be monetized.

Now, I am seeing sun light arrive my life again.


However, people's life is different.

Some people might have bright and dark day. But some has dark days all the time.

Like the cloud in opposite. Its whole shade is dark.

Hence, I think, if I have brightening life, I am lucky. If I have hard life, still I am not hopeless. I will try to cheer up and go forwards. And if I have good life, I will not mock or look down on any people that is meeting dark days. I should encourage them and help according to my ability. 

So, readers.. if you are in hard time, please don't give up and try to motivate yourself. Like I mention above about the bad day; it comes and it goes. Therefore, don't be hopeless. 

It's not the end of the world.

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