Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Dog Is Honest, Pig Is Smartest

My friends ask about animal I like. I tell them I like dog and pig.
They ask why. I say, "Because dog is the honest animal and pig is the smartest animal."
My friends laugh when they hear. They state they agree that the dog is honest, but they don't think pig is smart. 
"Pig knows only eat and sleep," my friends say.
"Pig is the smartest animal," I claim. 
They laugh at me, "You're crazy."
I smile at them before I describe, "Pig is smartest because it senses that all animals will age to die or die to be food of human, so it chooses to live easy life, eat and sleep, while it is living."
After hearing my telling, my friends are silent.
What do you think? Am I right or wrong?

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