Monday, October 18, 2021

Fishing people is my life instructor

"Here, it is photo I took in Tomnub 95, a locale in Preah Vihear province of Cambodia," my sibling said.

"Wow, beautiful view. Sky, water, mountain," I said.

"Do you see people are doing fishing in the photo?" my sibling said.

"Yes. Are you doing fishing for fun?" I said.

"No, they are doing fishing for cooking," my sibling said.

"What?!" I said with surprise.

"Yes, they are. They are local villager. They come to the stream about at 10am and stay there until 6pm to get the fish back home for cooking," my sibling told.

"Oh my. Why don't they get fish to sell?" I said.

"I don't know. I was told like this," my sibling said.

"How can they live? They are living hardly," I said.

"Yes, they are living hardly. They don't have big house, they don't air conditioner, they don't have electricity life, they don't have computer, they don't have internet, they don't know English. In order to get food, they have to go further from home and sit from morning till evening to get few fishes for food. And you? You live in house that can protect from heat, you have air conditioner to cool during hot temperature, you have electricity to brighten at dark night, you have computer and internet and you know English. You can work as blogger, you stay in cool room, and just do writing. What's about them? They stay under heat for many hours. You are living far better than them, but you always said your life is difficult, you don't have encourage to go on, because no one help you, no one support your site. Look at them. No one help them, no one support them, but they never give up and never murmur. They struggle everyday, whether it is hot or rain, to get the food," my sibling said.

After I hear, I think she is right. I always grumble about my life especially when my site does not get view. I always say I live hardly. I always say no one help me, no one support me, and I always want help and support from other. When I listen to what she mentioned, I feel a shame.

I want to tell you, my friends.

On the world, there are many people living hardly. No enough food, no house, and many of them need to work hard, far from home, far from family. 

Therefore, if your site/video channel does not get view or has small visitors, don't be hopeless. Work harder. Furthermore, don't blame anything or anyone, even fate or heaven. Also, don't blame yourself. Don't give up. Go on. Stay positive and.. be smart. Learn more, read more, to enhance your awareness, then you can find fast way to reach your goal.

Give it up, everyone.

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