Sunday, October 3, 2021

How I earn from wordpress blog

I want to confirm that this article is showing how to earn extra-money, not to get monthly money online.
What I say in this essay is from my own experience; however, I cannot detail one hundred percent. I just indicate important points only.
Moreover, I hope you read until the end of article or you might miss some benefit things.

I have wordpress written in Khmer language.
I have about 50 followers.
It's a blog. I don't buy plan.
Niche? Well, general. I write what I want to write. My daily life, my feeling, what I meet, what I hear, what I know, what I learn, even dream...

Tool to get money
In general, I put one photo, at least, in one article. If the article is long, I can add two or three photos.
I like to use photos that I take. Sometimes, I use other's photo too, but I give credit to the owner or source.
And what I earn money is that thing, image.

How to get money
I think I should use example to make you understand easily :

I am going to write an article about meaning of dream of eating food. Then I will contact to owner of food store telling them what I'm going to do.
The owner of store will send image of their food to me, also tell me information that they want to put, such as facebook page, contact number, etc.
When I post article, I upload photos of the food, with contact information. When people read my article, they will see photo and also the name of food store, then they will go to the store.

How much to charge
I cannot disclose amount that I charge from my clients. I just can tell that I don't take much because most of them are my friends; what I do is to help as well; I'm not doing it only for money.

What you should be careful
Because it is free blog, though I can earn, but I don't want to overdo - it's considered as a lie and fraud (towards wordpress) and I don't want to take advantage from it for my own interest. So, I don't usually post such image. I utilize one among ten articles - to get money.

That's all what I can tell you about how I earn from free blog.
I don't recommend you to do such job. But if in needed case, you can think of using this method to get income. However, don't make it as your regular career.

Good luck.

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