Thursday, August 26, 2021

How to be well off fast from real experienced people

I have hunted for how to get rich fast.

In my opinion, best way is to search from real experience of people. So, I go for anyone that improves life faster - to get how they make it.

Well, I don't meet owner of the story; I met their closed people, they narrated and I took note.

Story A

There was a woman. She married and has five children.

Years ago, her husband lost his business. They lost money, house and they were in debt.

The couple went to hire a small house in suburb of Phnom Penh. They could not go to work - because husband did not have work experience, since he graduated, he did business, and wife did not finish college. The pair decided to start business at their house. They sold papaya salad and grilled chicken. Wife was responsible for cooking, and husband was responsible for serving and delivering. The big kids helped, in their free time from school, to serve guests, do cleaning and washing.

Now, the debt is cleared, and they got their own flat - with two floor.

It is not miracle. It is about working hard and use correct method.

Papaya salad is sold everywhere in Phnom Penh. However, their food becomes popular in short time because they use formula. Not only papaya salad but also sauce to serve with grilled chicken. Their food taste is good and different from others, that's the reason they attract many customers, and yes, they earn money.

Story B

There is a lady. She had no high education.

One day, she went to learn how to make formula for salty crab, then she started her business. Well done, her salty crab was recognized in short time, and now, B can have good living.

Salty crab is not special, but the important concept is the ingredients that B uses.

What does the stories want to tell?

Base on these two case studies, there are two basic points.

First, if you want to do business to earn money fast, you should start food business. Everyone need food; everyone has to eat to live.

Second, if you want your food business to be successful, you have to have your own food formula. The food ingredient is weapon. It makes your food different from other even you are selling same food type.

Well, what I write is about experience of Cambodian. So, please consider and observe your own location before you apply the method.

Furthermore, my article does not promise you to become a rich. My aim is to give idea to make you able to gain a better living.

First step is always hard. And no first step is usually successful.

I have learnt that A and B had failed few times before they make right formula. Hence, don't expect big; however, don't lose hope when you fail. 

Good luck.

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