Monday, October 11, 2021

How to earn from sharing post on social network sites

If you have various of social network websites, besides Facebook, then you can find opportunity to earn extra-money.

Like I, I have social network websites such as Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pocket, Instapaper and MeWe.

Besides sharing my post to get views, I can earn by posting for other too.


In Cambodia, some people know and play only Facebook. They know how to share their site on Facebook only. 

Some is low tech.

Some does not have time.


When they want to share their post/site to gain traffic, I help to share their posts on my social network websites.

I don't promise them number of views. My service is to share. If no one view their site is not my responsibility.

Charge and payment

I cannot charge high - because my accounts have less followers. In general, it is less than USD 10.00 per month.


When we go to restaurant, they show us food menu, with size and price.

The same.

I set sharing and price. For instance:

- share one post a day, at 10am, (price)

- share two post a day, at 10am & 10pm, (price)

Commonly, I mention that I will share their post to all social network websites that I have. 

All the posts to share is selected by owner, not me. After they select, they will send link to me and I will copy the link then I share.


Sure, I have to give them evidence and report.

There are two ways: 

  1. I snapshot and send to them.
  2. They go to the site and check by themselves.


It cannot stay on my social network account longer than one month - because I charge one month. 

After one month, I will remove all the posts.

I don't accept all customers. I choose only content that does not violate the guideline/policy of the social network websites. Moreover, I select the post that as appropriate content. It's a never for me to take money, then make my account ruin.

Well, it is how I earn extra-money from social network websites. But it is condition in Cambodia. If you are out of Cambodia, please consider before you decide to follow.

Good luck.

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