Saturday, October 2, 2021

I employ Flick to help increase my site traffic

I already told that I am low tech and I don't know related to SEO. I just try my best with what I have to reach audience.

Today, I have found a useful platform that I think I can use to help increase my site traffic.


I think everyone know about this one.

I am member of this site long time ago - I use it to post photos for fun.

Now, I make it to be tool to enlarge number of readers.

First locale, I put my site address in about.

Second locale, I create profile wall photo that mentions about my site address - because I think people might not click to see 'about'.

I know it is not professional SEO; however, it helps low tech person like me.

I make this article to share what I have known and experienced to people that is working as blogger, and they are low tech like me. I hope my essay can help.

Good luck to everyone.

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